Friday, January 12, 2007

Phantom of the Opera and Communion Service

So I saw what I think (and I only say this because I have had no previous experience with this show) is within the top 10 now of my favorite movies…The Phantom of the Opera. The music was amazing, the emotion conveyed through that same music, storyline, cinema photography and atmosphere of the set design was captivating and the costumes were both elaborate and elegant. This movie has so much depth, a sense of sorrow, pity, compassion, love, betrayal, anger, fear, shock, tenderness and many more attributes that could describe it, but only one that truly does it justice, tragedy. I am really starting to enjoy tragedies a lot more lately (another good one being Great Expectations, although a little crude, very powerful). The rise of the character, the betrayal, the fall and the coldness of death surround the audience as they are drawn into the storyline. In the end, nobody wins in a tragedy, it is a sorrowful draw that leads to reflection on ones own tragedies, sorrows and tribulations in their past.

On another note, I was able to lead (now 2) communion services. One at OLPH & another at IC. It truly is amazing being able to serve this way; one almost feels like a priest. I remember my old altar serving days, but this is a whole new dimension of service to the church. I really do enjoy doing them, but would rather attend a Mass. I love seeing the people from a whole new angle, responding, praying, listening and participating. My favorite part is the elevation in which I say, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, happy are we to be called to his supper.” I do realize also now how difficult it is to place Jesus on someone’s tongue. I almost feel like a father to my child, “ Here comes the plane, breeeeeeerawwwww into the mouth”. Of coarse I can’t drop this precious payload; I have to be very gentle and careful. I do wish their was a camera attached to my heard so I could show you some of the bad ones, like the lady today, I hit her upper lip before I finally got Him on her tongue. Or the guy that I basically put Christ on his back molar, needless to say the majority are no problem. I am actually feeding them Christ, giving him to them and praying for them to draw closer to him, wow! If you ever get an opportunity to serve in this way, I would definitely take it, because it is an amazing service to the church and has helped me grow in my faith. Anyways, God Bless all of you this week and Godspeed.