Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last Day In Phi Phi

Hey All

So it is our last day in Phi Phi, and we leave in about 2 hrs so i thought i would send out a quick update. Friday, we hiked to Long beach and got to do a little swimming. It was the first day we really had a chance to relax, we have just been going like crazy for the last 16 days. It was nice to get away from Patong Beach (Phuket) and the crazy Tuk Tuk drivers, unequaled night life and the LadyBoys (trannies). We went to an all you can eat Asian buffet and ate some really good food. We had sushi with curry, Ginger, fresh muscles, squid, fresh tuna and other fish and some amazing chicken along with some Thai food and a nice cool Chang Beer! After dinner we hit up the 7-11 (they are huge over here) and then went to a club. This was unlike any club you have ever been to in the states. It featured life Thai Boxing. First up was some 10 year old boys and man were they scrappy. I am not sure how i feel about that, but the ACLU would love it i am sure! Then, you (as a tourist) could fight another tourist for a free bucket (a literal bucket full of alcohol). We saw a couple of Brits go at it for 3 rounds, they gave a good show. Then we saw a real match with adult men and it was crazy! They can kick so fast, and they each got rocked by a few roundhouse kicks. Not a bad show for 80 Baht ($2.25).

Yesterday we went on a cruise all over to different islands and it was amazing. We started in the morning and it was very stormy, like huge swells and the guide was like "close the windows, we don't want a lot of water in the boat" It was a little sporty to say that least. We couldn't go to Maya bay, which is on the other island but we did go to this other little cove and snorkeled and swam. It started to rain really hard but it was like taking a show, warm and nice. We then went to Monkey Cove and kayaked out to the beach and fed some monkeys. I actually touched one of them, that was awesome! After that we headed out to Bamboo Island, the surf was a lot calmer and Dave was a lot more comfortable. Bamboo island is a national park and it was pristine. White sandy beaches, turquoise water and just wonderful. We headed over to Mosquito island (that name is fitting) and did an hour of snorkeling which was amazing. I saw sea urchins with big black spikes and and eye in the center, super colorful fish with amazing neon greens, blues, yellows and even some camouflage fish that totally blended in with the sea floor. We hoped back on the ship and headed back for a little R&R and it was nice to just chill for the evening.

Today we hiked up to a viewpoint of the whole island and took some amazing shots of the isthmus and the turquoise water...breathtaking just like the super hard hike to the top. Sweat dripping off like i was hot! In a few hours we will catch the ferry to Krabi and hopefully check out James bond island and some other cool spots before we hit the bus and train ride up to Bangkok. I hope to see a cobra fight and get a massage before i head out, but i will have to see how my sunburn feels about that! Hope all is well!
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Hi, from a Holy Cross parishioner! It's a small world, isn't it? Really enjoyed your singing and guitar-playing at Mass this last week. Thanks for helping out. Keep praying for our parish that we grow in devotion and love for Our Lord and get to move out of that danged cafeteria pretty soon!!! May God bless you in your discernment.

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